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Tom Walsh, Homegrown Backyard Gardens

Backyard gardens were a staple of American families and a part of Southern Culture for generations. I grew up gardening with my grandfather and I suspect a lot of folks remember growing up with a backyard garden at their parents’ or grandparents’ home. For our parents and grandparents the backyard garden was often grown out of necessity. As the years passed, it became less about necessity and more about custom and culture. It now appears as if the custom and culture of the backyard garden is dying. At Homegrown, we intend to revive it one garden at a time.

For many of us backyard gardens were a part of our summers. Juicy tomato sandwiches and ripe watermelons off the vine were the reward for getting our hands dirty and breaking a little sweat helping grandad or mema out in their garden. I’d like to bring that back and pass the custom, culture and knowledge of the backyard garden on to the next generation and in doing so provide a one of a kind service to our customers.


Tom Walsh
Homegrown BYG, LLC

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