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Let Us Customize Your Backyard Garden

Cherry Tomatoes - Homegrown Backyard Gardens
We provide everything necessary for you and your family to have a backyard garden. Through a collaborative effort we’ll customize your backyard garden. We’ll help select the location, prepare and till the soil, and plant the garden. Obviously, the size and shape of the garden and the growing conditions will dictate the content of the garden to a certain extent.

We provide all the equipment, materials, seeds, and plants. After the initial installation we will do as much hoeing, weeding, picking and reaping as you want us to and our level of involvement is completely up to you. We suggest a high level of involvement on our customers’ part as there’s something special in growing food in your garden and then putting it on yours and your family’s plate.

Benefits of Backyard Gardens


Eating Healthy

Great Exercise

and REALLY, REALLY Good Food!

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